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What You Need To Know About Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance

what-you-need-to-know-about-term-life-insurance-2Some things in life require a starter phase to get acclimated to a situation. New to homeownership? You get a starter home. New to driving? You get a starter car. Heck, even dinner sometimes has a starter course.

For borrowers getting life insurance for the first time, you bet there is product for that! Simplified-issue term life insurance is perfect for the "no muss, no fuss" type of individual who knows exactly how much coverage they need and how much is in their budget. Best of all, it's generally quick and easy to purchase this type of coverage.

No Sales Pressure

Term life insurance resolves consumer hesitancy because it places them in the driver seat for all decisions—no salesman, no judgment, no right or wrong answer. It's the "foot in the door" insurance policy, and once a consumer gets comfortable with the idea of life insurance, the hope is that they become comfortable with the notion of owning life insurance and become more receptive overall to the idea of meeting with an agent or financial planner to complete a comprehensive plan in the future.

No Strings Attached

Consumers like this product because it gives them the flexibility to select coverage that meets their budget first and foremost, regardless whether or not the amount of coverage meets the requirements of what an agent would suggest. Simplified-issue term life insurance is a self-serving product that doesn't involve an agent. If you see something that fits your needs, you buy it; if you're not completely sold on a product, you're fee to decline.

Consumers often report that when they meet with a life insurance agent and receive an analysis of their recommended amount of coverage, they feel overwhelmed with how much insurance they need. Consumers reveal that when they cannot commit to the suggested life insurance plan, they feel guilty for not being able to afford what has been deemed appropriate for their situation. This often leads to a negative perception of life insurance and, also unfortunately, they take no action at all. 


Simplified-issue term life insurance is a self-serviced product that is purchased online, allowing consumers to purchase the amount of coverage they deem appropriate based on their preferences. After purchase, consumer can receive their policy electronically; the entire process takes about 15 minutes.  As an added time-saving tip, questions you can be prepared to answer: gender, whether or not you are a tobacco user, date of birth, the state that you live in, your driver's license, social security number, and basic contact information. 

Studies show that four in 10 adults in the U.S. do not have life insurance.  That's why purchasing simplifed-issue term life insurance has never been easier. With a plan that is literally on a consumer's own terms, we encourage you to speak to a representative and become one of the six individual adults that do have life insurance—you have no reason not to! 

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what you need to know about term life insurance

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