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    Declutter Your Home With These Organization Hacks

    If you stay in one place long enough, it seems like stuff just has a way of accumulating around you on its own! It’s a process that can happen slowly, but before you know it, you’re surrounded by piles of paperwork, boxes of knick-knacks, and general clutter that stacks its way into your life.

    Living in a disorganized space can lead to increased levels of stress and hassle. In fact, a recent study by The Spruce found that nearly 1/3 of respondents said that they had spent two hours or more looking for misplaced items in their homes.

    As we start to ramp up for spring, here are some useful organizational hacks that can help you declutter your home and organize your life.

    Step Up Your Storage Game

    If you’re anything like me, your living room is in a constant state of clutter. From kids’ toys to car keys and last week’s magazines, it can be very handy to have a container for all the miscellany that ends up in the living room—especially if you need to put things away at the last minute.

    Storage ottomans and nesting coffee tables are the perfect solution for quickly decluttering your living room. They are both multifunctional and decorative storage options that you can use when you need to spruce up the most active room of your home, and still have things on-hand when you’re watching your favorite shows.

    Organize Your Outfits

    Personally, I hate cleaning my closet—and it seems like it always needs it! My closet is the place that I usually end up throwing all the things that I don’t want cluttering up my bedroom, so there are often spare yoga mats and random dog toys piled up on the floor.

    What helped me out was getting a closet organizer with plenty of built-in storage space. Having a dedicated drawer for folded clothing, shelves for shoes, and space to hang coats nearly doubled the amount of closet space I had available. Keeping a laundry basket in your closet is another good way to ensure that you don’t end up with a floor full of dirty clothes at the end of the week.

    The great thing about organizing your closet is that, once it’s done, it encourages you to maintain it by folding and putting away laundry as it’s finished, making it much easier to get dressed and out the door every day.

    Have your Home Professionally Cleaned

    There’s nothing like walking in to a nice, clean house—but who has time to dedicate a weekend to dusting baseboards and washing windows? Having your home professionally cleaned can make a huge difference to how the place looks, feels, and smells! Most cleaning companies will offer services that include:

    • Sweeping, mopping, and waxing floors

    • Dusting furnishings, ceiling fans, base boards, window sills

    • Cleaning the sink, bath tub, and shower

    • Changing linens

    • Vacuuming carpets

    • Cleaning kitchen appliances

    Search online or ask for referrals from friends for reputable cleaning services and get your home sparkly clean just in time for spring!

    Get an Office Organizer for Your Kitchen

    Getting an office organizer for your kitchen may not seem like an immediately intuitive idea, but the pile of mail and car keys that end up on the kitchen counter when you get home from work tells a different story. Because the kitchen tends to be the center of family activity, having a place to sort mail and bills, leave messages, and add items to the grocery list can help you ensure that the space remains functional and free of clutter. Consider hanging a calendar or dry-erase board in the kitchen to keep track of family appointments. To keep track of mail and other paperwork, get a small desk organizer to keep on the counter.

    Decluttering your home is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to make your space nicer to live in, but more substantial projects might cost you a pretty penny. If you want to tackle more projects to spruce up your home this spring, consider a home renovation loan from SWBC Mortgage.

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    Amanda Harr

    Amanda Harr is a Marketing Content Writer at SWBC. She uses a structured creative process to craft marketing strategies and develop communications solutions.

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