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    4 Reasons Why Building a Custom Home Could Be Right For You

    To build or not to build, that is the question. Looking for your perfect dream home can not only be a daily headache in the search process, it can also result in complete agony when you find out the house you had your hopes on has been outbid by another buyer. After getting over the pain of losing your “dream” house and the “what ifs,” you finally admit to yourself that the kitchen wasn’t exactly perfect, and the fact that the master bedroom wasn’t on the first floor wasn’t a deal breaker, but more of a compromise. Quit lying to yourself! Hey, we all do it! Why not invest your money into something you are 100% happy with? When comparing the process of buying a home that is suitable to your needs vs. building a custom home that truly fits all of your needs, it’s easy to see that building a custom home is a "no brainer." Other than the obvious, here are some things to consider when determining if building a custom home is the right decision for you.

    1. Fully Customized to Your Preference

    This is the most obvious and most attractive reason to consider when building a custom home. You, as the buyer, have total control in tailoring the entire house to every desired detail—down to the color of the knobs on the cabinets. In reality, the chances of finding a home built with everything you want already on the market is very slim. Even if you find something comparable, you will most likely eventually turn to renovating in order to make the room(s) specific to your wants, and that can get pretty tricky (and expensive). Having total control of exactly what is put into your home and where it's placed makes for a house that is 100% customized to your preference with no surprises.

    2. Get More Home for Your Buck

    Building your own home means that you have the capability of being in control of your project from start to finish. This could give you the option to negotiate material costs to save in other areas. For example, striking a great deal on bulk lumber could turn into extra savings to splurge on granite countertops in your bathrooms. Having the power to be the decision maker and save a little here and there will make for your ultimate customized dream home!

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    3. Low Maintenance

    Another advantage to having a brand new, custom-built home is that everything is NEW! Everything from the plumbing, air conditioning, appliances, to the light bulbs in the ceiling are all brand new and should have very little to no maintenance—at least not for a long time. After you’ve settled in and your furniture and decorations are in place, you should be worry-free and can enjoy your brand new home without being concerned with unexpected expenses such as the cost of fixing a broken air conditioner! Home maintenance is often a huge factor that is not considered when purchasing a home, and most buyers are thrown off guard and not financially prepared to pay for repairs when large appliances break. 

    4. Energy Efficiency

    The world of appliances and home building materials has come a long way in the realm of energy efficiency. The development of new materials used to construct new homes are made to help save consumers money every month by making their home more energy efficient, requiring less energy (i.e. money) to heat and cool their homes. Sure, you can always retrofit an older home, but in some cases, it might not save you money in the long run. The process takes very careful planning and the remodeling can end up costing you a fortune. In fact, according to a study conducted by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, the cost to retrofit a 100-year old single family home can cost about $100,000. Having the latest and most energy efficient materials and appliances at your fingertips to construct your new home only makes things easier and more cost-effective!

    When building your new custom home, the choices and possibilities of what kind of home you want and what you pick to go inside are endless. The exciting part is knowing that it's your dream home, and it's something that you have totally customized for you and your family.  

    Not sure where to start when building your dream home? Click here to download our free ebook: What to Expect During the Homebuilding Process!


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