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The Top 5 Most Popular PersonalHub Posts: 2016 Edition


New years often bring new resolutions. If you've resolved to get your personal finances in order, you came to the right place! Here were the most popular financial planning posts from our PersonalHub blog in 2016. Check out this helpful advice to financially prepare for the coming year.

1. 5 Situations that Demand the Expertise of a Financial Advisor

Some jobs are best left to the experts, like auto repairs, home renovations, or different levels of financial management tasks. This article outlines five situations where it may be wise to get guidance from a financial advisor.

2. Begin Your Kitchen Renovation in 3 Steps

For most families, the kitchen is the heart of the home, where family food traditions and sweet memories are made. That's why it’s ideal to keep your kitchen looking and feeling fresh and up-to-date! If a kitchen remodel is in your future, check out this breakdown of the kitchen renovation process.

3. 4 Reasons Why Building a Custom Home Could be Right for You

Looking for your perfect dream home can not only be a daily headache in the search process, it can also result in complete agony when you find out the house you had your hopes on has been outbid by another buyer. When comparing the process of buying a home suitable to your needs vs. building a custom home that truly fits all your needs, building a custom home may be a "no brainer." This article lists things to consider when determining if building a custom home is right for you.

4. 6 Areas to Splurge When Building Your Custom Home

If you're at the point where you've decided to build your "forever home," you have several things to consider; if you're building a custom home, the possibilities are endless. While there is no definitive list of must-haves, this article outlines a few areas that could be worth splurging.

5. Home Loans for Military Veterans

If you serve or have served in the military, you've earned some amazing benefits provided to our men and women in uniform. One benefit worth taking advantage of is the Veterans Affairs home loan (VA loan), a financing option for eligible service members, veterans, and surviving spouses to purchase, build, and/or maintain a primary residence. This article contains the details you should know about VA loans.

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