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    Septic System Do's and Don'ts

    Septic systems can be a little touchy and a bit hard to get used to, especially if you have never lived in a house that has one. Here are a couple of best practices to follow and tips on what to avoid when living in a home that has a septic system installed.

    Common practices for keeping a healthy septic system:

    • Spread out laundry loads; wash one big load per day instead of several small loads in a day

    • Use liquid laundry detergent (stay away from powder/clay-based detergents)

    • Minimize household (toxic) cleaners

    • Keep a permanent record of your septic system's key part locations in case future maintenance is needed

    • Service your septic system regularly

    • Use water-conserving techniques as much as possible

    • Keep a record of all services and maintenance done on your system

    • Remove close plants and trees with large root systems in the immediate route of the septic system's absorption lines

    • Check the interceptor drain on a regular basis

    Common objects that should never be disposed in a septic tank:

    • Garbage disposal debris

    • Coffee grounds

    • Paper towels

    • Hand wipes

    • Sanitary napkins (i.e., pads and tampons)

    • Condoms

    • Hair, ponytail holders, and hair nets

    • Bandages

    • Hard toilet paper (soft toilet paper is best)

    • Rags and strings

    • Cigarette butts

    • Trash

    Following these common practices will help preserve the longevity of your septic system. There is nothing worse than coming home to a flooded yard, and let's not mention the stench it can put off! Your wallet will also thank you.

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