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    Farm-to-Table, Organic Mortgages?

    In today’s fast paced and hectic life, it seems that more people are going “organic” (especially Millennials) when they purchase food for their families. Consumers seeking better quality are buying organic in droves, especially farm-to-table, locally-grown and sourced goods whenever possible. By having some degree of knowledge of where and how their food is produced, consumers have the peace of mind that they are feeding their families wholesome foodstuffs grown under sustainable farming practices.

    Organic, farm-to-table meats such as beef, chicken/eggs, and pork, originate from producers who embrace ethical practices (and who avoid caging poultry or jamming their farms with unsanitary feed lots). Certified-organic producers must avoid adding hormones and antibiotics to feeds, and also eschew the use of chemical fertilizers and weed killers, all of which have been show to make their way into our food supply chain. Farm-to-table means buying and supporting smaller, local farmers (businesses) whenever possible and being closer to (and understanding the business practices) of the source.

    (I’d suggest you watch a documentary called, “Food, Inc.” This will give you a better perspective regarding how our food in the U.S. is raised, grows and is processed, and the industrial giants who dominate the industry. You’ll quickly learn that organic, farm-to-market foods you purchased locally are usually far superior in quality and sustainability, not to mention healthier for you and your family.)

    This brings me to the subject of the “Organic Mortgage.” In reality, this really isn’t a term. But I bring it up to make a point. If people are willing to seek out locally-produced, farm-to-market organic food, why wouldn’t they consider doing business with a local mortgage provider? Hence, we lend and live in the same communities where our own customers reside, just like the local organic farmers who also reside in the area. Our local branch offices and staff are just as much a part of the local economy as the farm stand and cattle ranch down the road.

    Thus, an “Organic, Farm-to Table Mortgage” has built-in sell point—your loan officer is from the same area where borrowers reside. Homeowners can put a face to a name, not to mention they can actually meet loan officers face-to-face, not just over the phone or by impersonal emails. And faceless, online loan providers can’t offer local processing, underwriting, closing, and funding.

    Locally-based loan officers excel at reviewing all loan options, including VA military loans, so that a client is able to decide which program best fits their needs. We call this the “consultative approach” to lending, which is another distinct advantage over internet mortgage providers. Most clients simply shop by rates online and don’t conduct very thorough research. This is where the Organic, Farm-to-Table Mortgage (and local loan officer) steps in. Our borrowers aren’t just an account number. We may see them in the grocery store, at a youth sports event, in a house of worship, or at other local activities. SWBC Mortgage loan officers are on the boards of many local charities, civic organizations, and even members of local Realtor Associations. We believe in community lending, and all of us go the extra mile to make getting a mortgage as straightforward and pleasant an experience as possible.

    So, the next time you have a client looking for an online mortgage or from a distant lender who doesn’t know the difference between Paris Texas and Paris France, have them give SWBC Mortgage a call. You may be surprised how much easier the mortgage process will be when you refer them to us, instead of letting a client get lost in cyberspace lending.

    Loan subject to credit and property approval. SWBC Mortgage Corporation, Corporate office located at 9311 San Pedro Suite 100, San Antonio, TX 78216 NMLS #9741 

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    Tony Stevenson

    Tony Stevenson, Sr. Mortgage Loan Officer for SWBC Mortgage Headquarters, has been in finance for over 30 years. The past 8 years with SWBC Mortgage. Tony markets to the Texas Hill Country and has been elected 2017 Affiliate of the Year for the Central Hill Country Board of Realtors (Fredericksburg), 2015 Affiliate of the Year for the Kerrville Board of Realtors and The Highland Lakes WCR (Marble Falls).

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