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Common Room Additions and Average Cost


It’s finally happened, you’ve outgrown your house and need more space. However, there is one problem: you don’t want to move—you absolutely love your home and the location is unbeatable, but you still need more space! After browsing a couple of real estate websites, you still can’t even consider the thought of moving. No worries! You can always add on a room to your house. People do it all the time. Depending on how much extra space you need, there are a bunch of different options and ideas to help make you happier in your home!

According to Remodeling magazine’s 2015 Cost vs. Value Report, below is a list of the most common room additions and their average costs:

  • Attic Bedroom: $51,696

  • Major Kitchen Remodel: $56,768

  • Bathroom: $39,578

  • Deck: $15,912

  • Family Room: $84,201

  • Garage: $52,382

  • Master Suite: $111,245

  • Sunroom: $75,726

  • Two-Story Addition: $161,925

Watch the video below to learn how you can get a new room addition by refinancing your home with SWBC Mortgage.




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