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Outsmart the Heat: 6 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool All Summer

In case you couldn’t feel it already—summer is here! With 100-degree days becoming the new norm for much of the country, it’s easy to lose your cool trying to keep yourself and your home a refreshing, air-conditioned paradise away from the heat of the day.

Just because its summer doesn’t mean you’ll have to battle out the rising temperatures every day.

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Bitten by the “Fixer Upper” Bug? Here’s a Home Renovation Checklist

Have you ever seen a before and after picture of a home renovation and thought to yourself, “I could do that?” Well, you’re not alone!

The amount of money Americans spend on home renovations continues to increase year after year, making the home renovation industry a billion-dollar industry.

A home renovation of any size can be exhausting, but the results are usually worth the work.

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