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How Getting "Hacked" Can Make You Look Like a Terrorist

getting-hacked-makes-you-looks-like-terrorist-600.jpgKrebs on Security is a daily blog that provides detailed insight for information and cyber security, authored by Brian Krebs, an American journalist and investigative reporter. A couple weeks ago, I ran across the blog post below and thought I should pass it along to everyone I knew. The post outlines Krebs' recent brush with cyber crime, where a hacker hijacked his PayPal account and then attempted to send his PayPal funds to an organization tied to ISIS.

It speaks to corporate process, the human element, and what a cyber criminal can do with a limited amount of publicly available data. This is an excellent example of how a simple social engineering attack can obtain access to your accounts and possibly do great harm—even going as far as implicating you as a terrorist, or someone who funds terror organizations.  I urge you to click the link below, read the full article, and forward to your coworkers, friends, and family members.  This is a perfect teaching opportunity about vigilance when assisting clients and customers and managing your own money online.

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