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    The Collaborative Role of an Executive Benefits Advisor

    As a business leader, you know that part of maintaining a successful business from start to finish involves recruiting talented leadership. This can be challenging, but is essential for facilitating the success of a smoothly operating company. Then, once the members of your C-level management team are in place, retention of those key executives is essential in order to avoid business disruption and expenses caused by their turnover.

    Providing executive benefits to help your business achieve and maintain financial success requires coordinated input from multiple advisors who can work together to navigate through many complicated steps. Gathering all the advisors you need to implement your business strategies and achieve your goals is important for the long-term success of your business.

    An executive benefits advisor is an expert in getting business owners the best benefits available for their most valuable employees. Business leaders need the help and expertise of an executive benefits advisor as a component of a successful business strategy, but creating and executing the best plan often requires more than a two-person team.

    An executive benefits advisor should be a critical component to any team of business advisors. They can help compliment a certified exit planner advisor’s professional skills by providing expert knowledge to help create an executive benefits strategy that addresses the long-term plan needed to accomplish your company’s goals, and to help you seamlessly transition out of your business when that time comes.

    Forming Your Advisor Team

    Business attorneys, CPAs, bankers, wealth advisors, leadership coaches, CEPAs, executive benefits advisors, and a host of other advisors can join together to form a team that can positively change the outlook for your success. All of these disciplines can help a business succeed, but none of them can do it all themselves. Smart business leaders understand this and are learning the benefits of collaborating with an all-star team of advisors.

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    As a business owner, you are probably already working with a few advisors that you trust to help manage your company. You’ll likely want to keep them on your team. You may also need to add other experts as you identify holes in the team's knowledge and expertise. As you build your advisory team, members should be able to offer suggestions of trusted partners from their own professional networks who can serve as experts on different steps of your plan.

    As you evaluate your advisors and start to get your team of experts in place, ask how their expertise supports a comprehensive business strategy, including financial planners, business attorneys, and exit planning advisors. Request examples showing how they’ve worked with other professionals to create well-rounded results for clients in the past.

    Establishing your business goals, deciding which steps to take, forming a team of experts, and following your plan can be time-consuming and expensive without proper assistance. Our executive benefits advisors can help you prepare a compensation strategy for your business that will assist in recruiting top talent and retaining key employees.

    Our advisors can offer expert advice, create a strategy tailored to advance your specific goals, and collaborate with other industry professionals to help your business succeed. Reach out to SWBC’s executive benefits advisors today.

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