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[Case Study] How One Company Gained Better Negotiation Power on Workers' Comp Rates

how-company-gained-negotiating-power-workers-compensation-bodyIn 2002, with just a toolbox in hand, Craig Scott began his quest to create a highly successful residential remodeling firm. He had his sight set on building a business, atypical to your normal run-of-the-mill construction and remodeling company.

Today, with more than 25 full-time employees, Craig Scott continues to expand his business—in both clientele and employees—while focusing on what he’s most passionate about doing—building.

Craig Scott—President of CROSS

Scott began working for a small remodeling firm as a trim carpenter after completing his military service. He grew into a project manager role and, in the office, learned the ins and outs of the administrative side.

Workers' Comp | It Doesn't Have to be a Negative Term

In a risk-prone industry such as construction, it’s imperative that businesses and employees are protected. The need for workers’ compensation coverage is non-negotiable, but for many in this space, that can seem overwhelming and enough to throw in the proverbial drop cloth.

What Scott quickly realized after an in-depth coverage assessment were the savings working with SWBC would bring for them to write his workers’ compensation coverage under the company’s master policy. By partnering with SWBC PEO, CROSS’s staff now joins a pool of 10,000+ employees (a compilation of all other clients’ employees), rather than an individual group of CROSS’s original 25 employees with no negotiating power. For PEO clients, that equals strong negotiation power—power, a small business is very unlikely to have.

Better negotiated workers’ compensation rates meant more to his bottom line. And, while not all accidents are avoidable, it’s important that business owners proactively take measures to minimize risk and increase employee education among some of the most common job site occurrences. By partnering with SWBC PEO, Scott was able to integrate SWBC’s top-notch training programs into CROSS’s safety program, offering on-site training for things such as ladder training and OSHA compliance— training offerings that come standard when working SWBC PEO. Had Scott wanted to deploy training at that level, he would’ve had to pay for the curriculum, source the trainer, and orchestrate schedules. Working with SWBC PEO allowed the training opportunity to happen in a seamless, turnkey fashion.

What’s more, working with SWBC PEO allowed Scott to leverage the pay-as-you-go methodology, providing a simple advantage to his monthly budgeting. And, ensuring that all his I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed, Scott is able to sidestep those pesky annual audits because SWBC PEO’s industry experts have a committed, unwavering eye on compliance monitoring.

Along with more negotiating power and safety training for his employees, Scott also gained a payroll expert, expanded health benefits for his employees, and an "on demand" HR team to give him time back to focus on his business.

To read the full case study and to learn more about how SWBC PEO gave Scott more time back to create, build, and inspire, click here.


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