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    [Case Study] Hill Country Pain Associates

    Laura Paredez, Director of Business Services for Hill Country Pain Associates (HCPA), manages the day-to-day operations and activities, and ensures that the business is run financially sound. In her role, Laura oversees all matters from vendor management to payroll administration. With a practice of 27 full-time employees and one part-time employee, HCPA brings with it its own set of employee considerations, of which by no means falls short of HR-related inquiries.

    As a client of SWBC PEO for nearly seven years, Laura has truly mastered the art of partnership and collaboration with her “off-site” HR partners, SWBC PEO. In doing so, it’s given Laura the time and focus she needs to create a positive experience for her employees and patients. Laura Paredez’s days are often filled with organized chaos. From managing the front office activities of Hill Country Pain Associates to fielding employee questions, the minutes fly by—often leaving Laura with a mountain of paperwork and diminishing time to complete. Knowing that she didn’t go into the director role to act as an HR professional, Laura quickly reaped the benefits of partnering with an outside vendor, SWBC PEO, to handle all things HR. Doing so, allowed Laura to better focus her time and energy on other operation-related tasks.

    A Partnership That Comes Standard

    Perhaps one of the greatest benefits noted by Laura when working with SWBC PEO is the partnership that came standard. The SWBC PEO team and their 45+ industry experts quickly became an extension of the HCPA team. Laura and her team communicate daily via email and phone with SWBC PEO to resolve HR inquiries. And, with a strong army of HR experts at SWBC PEO, Laura never has to worry about her service suffering due to HR representative absenteeism. If and when HCPA’s dedicated account manager at SWBC PEO is out of the office, there are 44+ experts ready to step in and serve. That speaks volumes for business continuity.

    When Laura was contemplating outsourcing HR to a vendor (or hiring internally), she went through a systematic pros and cons exercise. One of Laura’s recurring concerns always came back to efficiencies and cost. If she had to hire someone to do all that SWBC PEO does for HCPA, she’d be lucky to get by with one staff hire dedicated to these functions. (At a practice the size of HCPA, having only one HR representative handle all these things is a tall order.) But, now compound that concern with the fact that she’d only have one employee in the HR position, Laura’s comparison of her options quickly pointed out the obvious: working with SWBC PEO was not only a bargain in comparison, but a headache relief for now and the future state of the business because their model offered something that a one-man HR department couldn’t—scalability. And, if Laura, personally, took on the responsibilities, it would easily occupy at least 30% of her daily schedule—one that is already jam packed with deadline-driven obligations.

    What’s so refreshing when working with SWBC PEO is the familiarity I get when working with my reps; I know who is going to answer when I call. We’re on a first-name basis with the team at SWBC PEO and never routed to a call center,” said Laura when reflecting on the partnership with SWBC PEO. “I get to talk with someone that truly knows my business and all the intricacies of how it is run.

    Removing Manual Processes

    It cannot be overstated. Time is money. And, more time performing manual tasks means more time away from creating positive experience for employees and patients. HCPA, like many other businesses today, has an employee base mixed with traditional in-office employees and remote employees. This was a significant consideration when HCPA sought out payroll providers—that they be able to accommodate employees that don’t work in a traditional setting with the accessibility to “clock in” via a traditional, physical time clock.

    With one main office and two satellite offices, HCPA employees often travel between satellite locations. In doing so, they need means to clock in and out, account for mileage reimbursement, and report expenses. SWBC PEO provided HCPA with a customized technology solution to meet the needs of all their employees and their various considerations. In the absence of this solution, the entire payroll exercise would be a manual process—which equates to more personnel and more time spent on routine payroll activities. Working with SWBC PEO provided a scalable solution and saved HCPA the expense of hiring internal staff to take on the payroll responsibility. 

    Offering Robust Benefits

    HCPA takes a serious interest in enriching the lives of their employees. Partnering with SWBC PEO allowed HCPA to leverage great benefits at a great price because of the negotiating power that SWBC can deploy. In a practice of less than 30 employees, HCPA lacked the buying power that other larger companies have. Insurance benefit options can remain somewhat limited for a business of that size and often the “big insurance players” aren’t even among consideration due to the elevated cost for coverage.

    Like many other businesses, HCPA has a diverse employee pool—from women of child-bearing age to aging individuals with potential health concerns. It was absolutely critical that HCPA find valuable insurance choices that provided comprehensive benefits across their employee base. Working with SWBC PEO allowed HCPA to offer their employees a notable, reputable insurance provider that they feel they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to offer had they gone at it without the partnership. SWBC PEO is able to leverage their buying power (after all, they represent 10,000+ employees across all their client base) when insurance shopping for their clients to bring more options for consideration. 

    The level of benefits that SWBC offers us is amazing; we’d never be able to replicate those offerings on our own,” reported Laura.

    To learn more about how SWBC PEO helped Hill Country Pain Associates leverage their industry experts and offer their employees a robust benefits package, click here

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    Norman Paul

    Norman Paul is CEO of SWBC PEO. He is responsible for overseeing the division’s day-to-day tasks, including payroll, employee benefits administration, workers’ compensation, and HR support for more than 14,000 shared employees in Texas and 40 additional states. Norman also serves as Corporate Counsel for SWBC PEO, providing guidance on compliance issues, overseeing unemployment claims administration, and conducting client training.

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