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Recent Posts

The Benefits of Understanding Your Workforce

As a business leader, you have the power to support your employees in their quest for better health by implementing some proven methods that promote healthier employees, which means lower healthcare costs, less absenteeism, and higher productivity.

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Is Your Business a Good Match for a Captive Insurance Group?

Business owners across the country are joining forces to form employee benefits group captives. A captive is an insurance company created by a group of businesses to insure the risk of its owners, who then share profits and losses from the insurance company within their group. A captive gives member groups the ability to provide quality health benefits for their employees, reduce volatility of healthcare costs, realize greater data and cost transparency, and control of how their dollars spend, and capitalize on financial benefits such as lower taxes.

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A Community Coming Together:  Employee Benefits Captive Risk Management

The 21st century has ushered in an age of creative risk sharing business models that are centered on the idea of people forming as a collective group to spread risk across a larger population. The practice of risk sharing or “risk pooling” gives groups greater buying power allowing them to purchase group health benefits at a better price point.

A group captive is one more way in which businesses have been coming together to provide quality health benefit to their employees, keep their health benefit cost down and mitigate risk for their companies.

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How Employee Diversity Benefits Your Business

Companies strive to stay competitive either through the products they sell or through superior customer service. But, with stiff competition, particularly on the recruiting front, there’s another way companies across America are trying to stand out—hiring a diverse workforce. So, what does a diverse workforce look like and how can your company benefit from it?

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How Student Loan Programs Could be the Key to Employee Retention

Employers are consistently touting the importance of their employee benefits program as a key tool in the recruiting and retention of talent. It has also been reported through the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) that 60% of employees consider their benefits an important aspect to overall job satisfaction.

Benefits are no longer a secondary consideration for prospective talent, and employers understand that to keep valuable employees they must focus on providing the right benefits for their employee population.

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