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Securing Key Employees Before the Sale of a Business

If you’re planning on selling your business, you already know that there is no end to the important factors you need to consider before the sale. One of the strategic planning issues that often goes overlooked by business owners is the importance of securing key employees before the company is sold to ensure a smooth transition and command maximum value for your company.

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The Importance of Compensation Benefits for Key Employees

Building a team of trusted and knowledgeable individuals to lead a business takes time, and once you have those employees, you don’t want to lose them. Talented employees know the value they bring to a company, and it’s important to them to receive a compensation benefits package that meets their needs. Keep reading below to learn about the importance of compensation benefits to key employees and an organization!

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The Collaborative Role of an Executive Benefits Advisor

As a business leader, you know that part of maintaining a successful business from start to finish involves recruiting talented leadership. This can be challenging, but is essential for facilitating the success of a smoothly operating company. Then, once the members of your C-level management team are in place, retention of those key executives is essential in order to avoid business disruption and expenses caused by their turnover.

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Six Misconceptions That Could Hurt Your Financial Future

There are six common misconceptions that business owners make that can compromise their company and personal finances. Each of these highlight common missteps in running the financial side of your business, which in turn can affect your company and your future.

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6 Qualities of a Top-Notch Business Exit Planning Team

Exit planning is complex. Between establishing your exit goals and transferring your business, you’ll attempt to build business value, find an appropriate successor or buyer, navigate taxes, and keep your key employees happy enough to stick around, just to name a few tasks. With so many considerations and activities surrounding your business exit, it's smart to consider creating an advisor team.

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Maintain Momentum in Your Business Exit Planning

Planning for major events often falls victim to procrastination. Whether it’s planning your next career move, a long vacation, or your business exit, it’s easy to put off progress, thinking you'll wait until you have more free time. While planning a business exit should never take over your entire life, once you've decided on your exit goals, you'll see greater success when you keep your momentum going instead of stopping and starting your activities.

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7 Steps to Successful Business Exit Planning

Eventually, whether by your choice or circumstances outside of your control, you will end up exiting the business you worked to create. And research proves that you're far more likely to exit on your terms and as you wish if you work with an exit advisor who can walk you through the exit planning process. Here is a snapshot of the seven-step process we use at SWBC. To start preparations for your exit, consider how you'd proceed through each step.

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6 Deductions to Lower Your Tax Bill

We are in the thick of tax season and while many Americans and CPAs are losing sleep over the heaps of paperwork and documentation they will prepare for the IRS, small businesses with potential skeleton accounting departments may be relying solely on out-of-the-box software programs to help them generate the most tax deductions and savings. While these programs help millions of businesses manage their business' day-to-day accounting operations, it's important that business owners are aware of all of the different deductions that may be available to them--after all, any savings earned are opportunities to invest right back into your business or your employees. Whether you plan to file your taxes yourself this year or work with a CPA or tax advisor, here are 6 tax deductions you can leverage to lower your tax bill.

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Three Benefits of Business Exit Planning

Through my work as a business advisor, I've seen firsthand that business owners have plenty to do. You're running your business, taking care of your home and family, and trying to attend to other responsibilities. Often, this existing to-do list is the reason business owners give for not pursuing exit planning. You may be unsure if it can help address important issues without taking up the little time you have remaining.

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Death Can Ruin Your Business Plans

Imagine building your business over several decades, starting to plan your business exit, then dying unexpectedly before you can implement your plans. Business owners rarely think about how an unexpected death or permanent disability can derail even the most carefully created plans. When you think about it, this makes sense: if you were always worried about what could go wrong, you probably never would have started your business in the first place.

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