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Recent Posts

5 Steps to Engaging Remote Employees in Your Wellness Program

As companies continue to increase their number of remote workers in efforts to remain competitive and attract top talent, the list of pros, cons, and challenges remains.

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5 Steps to an Effective Benefits Communication Program

Offering your employees competitive health benefits is only half the battle. After you’ve shopped around to find a plan that works for your business, your employees, and your budget, the next obstacle you face is effectively communicating the plan benefits to your employee base. It can be a time-consuming task so we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and best practices to help you streamline the success of your benefits communication program.

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5 Things You Can Do to Encourage Your Employees to Move More

In May, we celebrated National Employee Health and Fitness Month, which encourages physical activity in the workplace. According to UnitedHealthCare, more than 70% of employers offer some kind of health and wellness program. Some of the elements of these programs include biometric testing, on-site flu shots, smoking cessation plans, and other various health and wellness activities. But, how can employers keep their employees engaged, healthy, and excited about health and wellness programs that focus on moving more in the workplace?

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